It’s always been dogs, my all-time dream as far as I can recall. It all started when I watched a French series called “Rex the police dog”, when I truly knew my love for dogs. As a child, I always wanted to have a dog and train it just as Rex; however, that wasn’t possible due to objections from my parents. Even though my passion to dogs didn’t fade away, but as time passed, I was continuously searching to find my career path. For that, I focused on learning and gaining more experience in several majors which are not related to dogs. It was going well, but not as I visioned my path will look like. I knew very well that something was missing but couldn’t exactly note down what it is, until the day I came across the making off of the series “Rex the police dog”. I was extremely shocked that fourteen dogs were actually trained to film this movie. All the memories came back in as if it happened yesterday. It came to me, that’s it. That’s my dream and my career.

Since 2012, I left everything to follow my dream which is training dogs. For that, I completed psychological canine in France for behavior and comport mental issues along with seven expert courses with the Italian international instructor Danielly Pietropozzi. My specialty was in police dog and security. It was extremely challenging at the beginning especially after I got attacked two times and hospitalized; however, my commitment, passion, and dedication kept me going.

To date, I trained more that 1,000 dogs over the course of 10 years and conducted dog training courses for people who are trainers themselves now. My extensive experience in dog training in Lebanon and Dubai encouraged me to expand the business to accommodate with the current high demand. Social media definitely played a major role in the increase of the demand on training as I was able to reach and engage with more people. For instance, sharing videos and content related to dogs on TikTok regularly, made “AmirK9” a top one influencer in this field in Lebanon.

Mission and vision:

Our vision entails creating a safe and healthy environment for all dogs. We aim to provide trainings, raise awareness and share information on how to treat animals with a vision to save as many dogs as possible from abuse and from the street. In addition to offering the best quality products for dogs. We thrive to maintain our reputation by ensuring clarity, honesty and transparency.

Why buy from us:

  • For a good cause of creating a safe environment for dogs
  • All products offered were tested for quality compliance by the team
  • Available 24/7 with worldwide shipping services