Bandana Collar For Small Pets


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The Bandana accessory for small pets is a heartfelt connection woven into a tangible fabric. It symbolizes love, trust, and companionship between pet and owner. With softness and beauty, it adorns and reassures, reflecting the colorful tapestry of their shared journey.

-Our puppy bandana is made of premium polyester bandana and nylon belt (buckle). Bandana features ultra softness and breathable, effectively protecting puppy’s skin hand hair.

Perfect for daily wear, photo shot, parties or just make your pet look more fashionable in every occasions. Our puppy collar will make your pets eye catching, cooler than others.

Our dog bandana collar is specially designed with a quick release buckle which is adjustable. Convenient design allows you to never tangle the size of bandana!

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Black, Blue, Red


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