Pawise Giggle Jouet Bone #14574


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The Pawise giggle jouet toy, is for your best friend who always loves toys with texture, keeping gums clean and exercising chewing.
This pet toy is made of non-toxic TPR material, lovely shaped with texture, great for your dogs to play with and grind their teeth.
Fights Pet’s Loneliness, Anxiety & Boredom: This toy will keep the Pet Happily Engaged, Fights Anxiety and Boredom. Especially, when the owners are away, pets become extremely lonely & depressed, such interactive toys, which are also safe help the pets pass their time happily even when left alone.
Tubes inside ball emits sounds and giggles when rolled or shaken. Giggle sound amuses your dog. This is made from strong and durable material. Can use indoor or outdoor.
Packet contain-1 dumbbell toy.



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