Pawise Karpet Scratcher #28498


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Cat Scratching board can prevent your cute pet from wrecking your house and damage your furniture or scratch you! Using scratching pad is the correct way to train your cat where to use their claw, and you should start to train them as earlier as possible. Cat owners should understand cat scratcher is more than a toy for cats as scratching with the claw is not playing, but necessary way to mark the territory and consume cat’s energy. They need to exercise their bodies to grab something like hunting in the nature.

  • Scratching cardboard in one package, easy to clean the sheds and save space! Less split out, less messy, toy for kitten and all size cats.
  • It’s nature for cat to scratch, both marking the territory and exercise.
  • The catnip comes with the package, split it in the tray and cardboard, which allure cat to play with it, best way to train your cat where to use the claw!
  • Place the cardboard near furniture and shift cat’s attention from sofa or table to the charming toy! Turn the scratching pad around, it can be used both sides, the therefore the cardboard is fully used.




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