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Double plastic clip and buckle for perfect fitting and easy wearing.
Rotating smart hook designed to make your cats feel ease and comfortable when walking around the yard or street, easy control.
D-ring attaches 46″ leash with revolving hook and comfortable handle let it could be used for any occasion.

How to get your cat to be comfortable with the cat harness

If this is the first time for you kitty, try to ensure that you make this experience as positive as possible.
We suggest you adjust the harness to fit your cat snuggly but not too tight, with the two fingers test.
We suggest that you leave the harness near your cat’s sleeping area so she can be familiar herself with the appearance and smell. Wait until just before feeding her and put the harness on. Then you can feed her and praise her immediately, this way she will associate the harness for a while.
If it bothers her, you can distract her by playing with her. When she’s used to the harness, take it off and repeat putting it on and helping her adjust to the harness for about a week.
After she’s used to the harness, attach the lead to the harness and let her walk around the house with it dragging behind her. But make sure that she doesn’t get tangled up in anything. Once again praise your kitty for being so good and give her lots of love and praise.
For the chest girth, please measure around the deepest part of your cat’s ribs, behind their front legs.

Available Size: 18-30cm



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Lime, Turquoise, Blue, Red


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