Pawise Pet Tote Bag #12491




Take your pet on adventures with you with the Pawise Pet Tote Bag. Perfect for animals that love to see where they are going on their adventure the Pawise Pet Tote bag has a peep hole that allows for pets to keep their head out while staying safely inside. Ideal for dogs and cats under 7kg this easy to clean tote bag with padded lining, includes a rear pocket to store poo bags, treats or accessories.

  • Pawise walk bag, with front opening, allowing the puppy to stick his head out and / or get air inside.
  • Strong and waterproof material; padded and removable cover.
  • Includes strap with safety hook.
  • It contains an external zippered pocket on the outside.
  • It also includes a pocket-holder to store bags of feces.
  • Dimensions: 49*20*29cm.




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