Pawise Play N Chew Ball #14558


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Fights Pet’s Loneliness, Anxiety & Boredom: This toy will keep the Pet Happily Engaged, Fights Anxiety and Boredom. Especially, when the owners are away, pets become extremely lonely & depressed, such interactive toys, which are also safe help the pets pass their time happily even when left alone.

Unique texture design with bright color, easily attract pet’s attention, ideal gift for your pets and your friends who also have cute pets.

The Play N Chew Pawise toys ensure the fun of your dog, they are designed with an extra strong and thermoplastic nylon. Their elastic makes them ideal to spend hours playing tug of war, are safe toys for indoor and outdoor use, are available in a variety of shapes and colors for large and small dogs.

The instinct to play of your dog is natural, as it demonstrates the development of your intelligence, toys are important for your physical, mental and emotional health. The selection of the toy should be done carefully, take into account that it is designed especially for dogs with non-toxic materials, that help them develop their instincts and as all dogs like to bite, the toy has to be made to nibble it and that in turn clean your teeth, preventing the formation of tartar. Toy gives your pet all the benefits for your health and well-being, prevent your dog from suffering from anxiety, it is good that you like to nibble your toys, so do not bite the furniture at home and do not get overwhelmed, remember that dogs are restless and have a lot of energy.




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