Pawise Rainbow World Ring #14661-62-63


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As you must make sure of the food, water, sleep, and the walks of your dog, play with each other is one of the B & Aacute needs, the toys of PAWISE RAIBOW World Help & Aacute; To which your dog develops intellectually, learn to control his strength, as well as helping him free energy and anxiety.

These toys are made of a soft, resistant and durable material, they are safe for your dog and have irregular shapes that while the dog bites the toy and has fun is cleaning, helping to eliminate the tartar. The PAWISE TOYS Rainbow Word will help you to spend quality time with your dog.

Rings or Rings PAWISE RAINBOW World are RIS RIST rings available on different size, they are very funny so you can play with your dog and make it very happy. In addition, if your dog bites it helps to prevent the tartar and keep teeth healthy.

Toys are designed to last as much as possible while your use is correct.
Watch your pet at all times as long as EACUTE, Using any type of toy.



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11cm, 12.5cm, 15.5cm


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