PETGEEK 2 in 1 Smart Bowl




2 – 1 Smart Bowl, Every meal Counts , So count every meal. Do you also think the health of your pet is important? Afraid he eats too fast and too much? Looking for a feeder that helps you with this and prevents it? Then the 2 – 1 Smart Bowl is what you are looking for. Just like with humans, a good diet contributes to health. We feel fitter, healthier, more energetic and can take on the whole world. This is also the case with pets. With the right portions and a good pace of food, your pet will feel extra comfortable and his health will improve.

Portion Control
With the new smart bowl  you can easily weigh every meal with the portion control. You can adjust it with a few knobs and that way you know exactly how much your pet is eating. Is your dog on a special diet? Do you keep track of food on the advice of the vet? All no problem. The 2-1 Smart bowl provides every convenience.

Eating slowly
The speed of eating is also very important. If your pet eats too quickly, the food cannot be digested properly and this can lead to health problems. In addition to the health ailments, it is also better for digestion and reduces the risk of being overweight.

Easy Clean
The 2 – 1 Smartbowl consists of separate parts that you can easily put in the dishwasher. This makes it not only fun and handy, but also hygienic.

Weigh each meal
The right amount of nutrients is extremely important for his health. With the Smart Bowl you know exactly how much your pet is eating.

Interchangeable bins
The smartbowl comes standard with 2 bowls:
-800ml stainless steel
-700 ml anti-shock




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