PETGEEK Egg Laser Tumbler


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LASER POINTER CAT TOY: Cats love to chase the red dot. Auto-rotating laser cat toys create a unique & mysterious experience for your cat’s challenging hunt. Give out a laser beam in an unexpected path. Also make simulate bird to satisfy your cat’s hunting instincts.
ELECTRONIC INTERACTIVE CAT TOYS: Kitten toys will enhance the relationship with your cat. Combine cat laser and cat wand into robotic cat toy. What’s more, If you keep interacting with your cat with this cat toy frequently, it will help the cats exercise to keep healthy.
ELECTRIC TUMBLER CAT FEATHER TOY: Tumbler design cat toys are irresistible lure for cats! Press the on/off switch, place the cat laser on the floor, pat it to auto rotating. Cat toy will enter into standby mode after 1 minute of use to save energy, pat it again to reactivate it. (need 2 AAA batteries, not included).
EXERCISE INTERACTIVE CAT TOYS FOR INDOOR CATS: Cat laser pointer help your cats to jump, pounce and chase. Best way to get your cats energy out and do more exercise, making them be released and happy! Suit for cats and kittens of all ages! Your feline friend deserve it.
SAFETY WITH PETGEEK: PETGEEK interactive cat toy automatic is made of environmentally friendly ABS material. 2 different feather cat wand accessory inspire cat’s wildness. A mini screwdriver help you install the battery.




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