Petline Super Premium Anchovy


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Petline adult cat food contains carefully prepared ingredients for cats over 12 months old. It is a complete food for your adult cat with its nutritious, delicious and healthy content. Petline cat food contains 32% protein and 13% fat. It is a healthy and delicious cat food consisting of special raw materials. With its carefully selected raw materials and specially added iron, biotin and krill, it supports the metabolism of your adult cat in the most ideal way and helps it to lead a healthy life. Adult cat food with anchovy, suitable for all breeds over one year old, fed at home or out of the house. Contains taurine, which supports heart and eye health in cats. Ingredients: Processed anchovy protein, corn, processed animal protein, rice, bonkalite, maize gluten, animal fat, wheat bran, anchovy oil, dried sugar beet, fish flavor, krill, autolyzed yeast, salt, linseed, taurine, yucca, brewer yeast, whey powder, quillaja, MOS (Manna Oligo Saccarid).



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