Profelis Drop On




Dinotefuran 110 mg, Fipronil 45 mg, Pyriproxyfen 15 mg, excipients 1 ml.

Indicated for the prevention and treatment of infestation by fleas, ticks, mites and lice in cats. It collaborates in the prevention and/or treatment of all the diseases and zoonoses produced and/or transmitted by these parasites. Adulticide action in infested animals and prevention of new infestations for at least one month. Effective on Ctenocephalides Felis and Ctenocephalides Canis. It interferes with the hatching of eggs and with the inhibition of the transformation of immature fleas into adults, avoiding the reproduction of fleas for at least 60 days. It acts on Rhipicephalus sanguineous, Ixodes Ricinus, Ixodes scapularis, Dermacentor variabilis and Dermacentor reticulatus. Licecide action (adulticide and larvicide): Trichodectes canis. Fipronil has shown to have action against Otodectes cynotis.

Dosage y administration:
1 mL per animal (weight greater than 750 g and age greater than 8 weeks). It is not recommended to bathe the animal with shampoo within 48 hours after the application.


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