Slow Feeder Dog Bowls With Lick Mat




Ah, the slow feeder dog bowl with a lick mat, a wonderful combination that turns mealtime into a delightful and engaging experience for your furry friend. Imagine a colorful, innovative bowl with a built-in lick mat, designed with care to enhance your dog’s eating routine.

As you pour your dog’s kibble or wet food into the slow feeder bowl, they can’t contain their excitement. The vibrant colors and intriguing patterns on the bowl’s surface catch their attention, instantly piquing their curiosity. But there’s more to this bowl than meets the eye. Embedded within the bowl’s design is a lick mat, a textured surface that adds an extra layer of enjoyment to your dog’s mealtime. The lick mat texture provides a delightful challenge for your pup, encouraging them to lick, explore, and savor their food at a slower pace.

-Promotes Healthy Eating Habits

-Engages The Mind

-Slows Down Eating Speed

-Reduces Boredom


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