Slow Feeding Bowl




The slow feeding bowl exudes a serene elegance, its carefully crafted contours inviting a sense of peacefulness and harmony. with each stroke of your hand, you can sense the intention behind its design, as if it were crafted to not only nourish your pet but also to nurture their emotional well-being.

  • 9.25 X 8.85 X 1.96 Inches,The Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Is Very Suitable For Small And Medium-Sized Dogs Slow Eating.
  • The Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Can Help Your Pet Slow Eating, Anti Gulping Healthy Eating,Interactive Bloat Stop Dog, Choking And Vomiting
  • The Dog Slow Feeder Bowl Can Be Used On The Floor Or Mat.Six Small Rubber Anti-Skid Pads Are Installed At The Bottom Of The Bowl, Which Can Effectively Prevent The Food Bowl From Moving Or Turning Over On The Floor
  • The Fun Shaped Slow Feeders In The Bowl Brings Your Dog Feeder Dog Bowl Fun Slow And Even The Fastest Eaters Can Effectively Help Them Slow Eating


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