Trixie Denta Fun Ring , Mint Flavour Natural Rubber 12cm #TX33181


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TRIXIE provides an extensive line of pet products which are developed, inspected and tested to maintain the highest quality to help support pets as well as the owner’s well-being and happiness.


Trixie Denta Fun Ring, Mint Flavour, Natural Rubber, dia 12 cm

  • A great toy for teething pups and aggressive chewers.
  • Material: Natural rubber.
  • Soft Textured body of this ring is gentle, exercises the dog’s jaw, stimulates gums and helps to reduces tartar buildup thus improving dental health.
  • The ring is infused with mint flavor which helps to freshen your pup’s breath as he chews on the toy.
  • Helps to provide a healthy and fun physical and mental stimulation which in turn helps them from getting bored and reduce any chances of destructive behavior.
  • Light in weight and easy to carry around, now enjoy playing with your furry friend anywhere.
  • Suitable for dogs of all ages, sizes or breeds, this toy provides them with a positive outlet to let out that extra energy.





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