Trixie Junior Scratching Post, Fleece, Light Lilac #TX42930


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The delightful Trixie Junior Fleece Scratching Post offers your kitty a way to look after its claws as well as lots of fun and games! It is suitable for adult cats and kittens alike. This scratching post is perfect for your cat to claw at, which helps to keep your furniture free from scratches. What’s more, your cat will love playing with the ball on the end of the elastic and the two balls hidden in the base that can be nudged and poked by tiny paws. Your cat will be kept busy having lots of fun.

The base has a fleece covering which offers your pet a place to roll around and have a doze. This scratching post is perfect for scratching, climbing and snoozing and it will fit in with any décor thanks to its decorative design.

  • Small scratching post for kittens
  • Ideal for scratching, climbing and playing
  • With hardwearing sisal stem: perfect for having a good stretch and keeping claws in check
  • Toys hidden inside: two balls in the base will keep your cat busy for a long time
  • Toy on a spring: wooden ball attached with elastic string, for playing and chasing
  • Very sturdy thanks to the covered base
  • Color: lilac/ white
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Total dimensions: 47 x 26cm
  • Base: 30cm
  • Sisal post: 6.5cm




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